No one has ever accused me of being normal.

I grew up with two pianos and half a dozen violins. I own two pairs of tap shoes. I have sung with the San Francisco Opera, San Francisco Symphony, and on the same program as Danny Kaye. I am on the board of directors for a local teen theatre company. I have a recording studio packed away in the attic.

I own two Land Rovers, a 1959 and a 1999. I have led backpacking trips for the Sierra Club. I was a swim teacher. I own hiking boots, water shoes, and climbing shoes.

I make really good fried rice, chicken matzo ball soup (my mother-in-law’s recipe), and Thai yellow curry. I am fairly knowledgeable about Japanese bathroom design.

I have written professionally for several well-known parenting websites as well as a holiday-themed website. I have written several children’s books and am working towards getting them published. I currently write, sporadically, at

I have more than thirty years’ experience as a computer programmer. I collect vintage portable computers and have a highly-regarded collection.

I am active in the fight for full civil rights, including marriage equality, for the LGBT community.

I am married and have three children. We live in San Francisco in the house in which I grew up, a stone’s throw from the site of the orphanage where my father grew up.

Since having children, my role as father has become an integral part of my identity. Everything I do or hope for or feel is colored by the presence of my children. My dreams of driving my Land Rover through Europe and Africa have morphed into visions of a family safari. My writing has changed from hard science fiction to children’s books and parenting issues. My political activism has become focused on education and securing rights for LGBT Families.

My chess set is made of LEGOs.

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