Other Lego Chess Sets

This is not the first LEGO chess set nor is it likely to be the last (although I would argue it is the best).  Here are a few of the other sets out there.

Miscellaneous sets

Dr. Who and the Daleks Chess Set

“Awesome” Chess Set 

A Space-themed Chess Set

Red & Yellow Chess Set

Star Wars Chess Set

The Brothers Brick Chess Set

Monster Chess 

Jumbo Chess Set

Third Grade Class’ Set

Simple Chess Set

Classic Style Set

Another Set

Simple Set via Creative Mama Set


1×1 sets

These sets all use a board where each stud represents a square.  They’re certainly far too small for my hands, but others may be able to use them.

Mini LEGO Chess Set with storage drawers

Pocket-sized Chess Set with storage

Mini LEGO Chess Set

Mini LEGO Chess Set


2×2 Sets

These sets all use a board where each square measures two studs by two studs.  I feel that these are still too small to be playable, but I’m sure others may do quite well with these.

A Minimalist Set

Mini LEGO Chess Set

Star Wars Travel Chess Set

Modern Chess Set

Set with storage board

Check out the list of Minifig sets as well!


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